Lynne Carroll

Writing has always been one of my greatest pleasures. To be able to create a story from my imagination that gives enjoyment to a reader is a truly heartwarming experience. Receiving comments such as ‘I didn’t want it to end’ or ‘I couldn’t put it down’ have spurred me to continue. 


Dip into my FICTION writing. There you’ll be transported from a stonemason’s eye-view of 21st century London in Working Against Time to the perilous activities of a WW2 S.O.E. Agent in The Road to Lille. Both stories were National prize-winners.

My novel From the Somme, with love will be published shortly. Watch this space!



The POETRY selection I have included tends towards the introspective, The poem It’s Over, Captain Simms reflects my particular interest in The Great War. I have, however, been known to write more humorous verse.


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