The Perils of Zoom

Is it just me who’s noticed, when conducting a meeting by Zoom, why can’t the person who’s talking check the state of their room? And then there’s the dodgy screen angle If It’s tilted too much or too close We’re peering up their left nostril and counting the hairs in...

Suspended in Time

Suspended. Floating in time; dormant while politicians and boffins roll dice in their interminable game of craps, where there is no winner.


Scrapping through the hedgerows, scouring winter meadows. Searching local lanes for prized ill-gotten gains For eons the poor, the meek, the good collected old, dead, rotten wood. The villagers exercised their right to forage any local site We only pick what’s on the...

Hadrian’s Wall

Timeworn stones impregnated with centuries of stories. A child’s careless pencil line in a picture book. Scarring the pages for eternity.


(Inspired by Lynne’s 5 years working as a guide in an Australian heritage homestead) The old kitchen, still, peaceful. Stop. Imagine the sounds. Listen for the echoes; The shrill bark of a harassed cook; clattering cauldrons with the crackle of flames biting logs. The...