Beach Hut (Perranporth 1963)

Chairs aligned. Staking our claim.

Woe betide marauding neighbours

invading our precious space.

Mum giving orders. Dad keeping mum.

Buckets and spades to the right, cossies to the left.

No belongings on the floor-

too much sand!

Changing to swim.

Changing after a swim.

Storage for sandwiches, flasks and pop.

Camping stove for hot soup.

Shade from the sun.

Shelter from the showers.

Shelter from the storms.

Home in miniature.

Never forgotten.

Our beach hut.


  1. Phil

    Nicely constructed orderly list of elements involved in a day at the seaside in a beach hut.

    • Lynne

      Thank you. The visit to Bournemouth Beach conjured up so many memories


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