I relish my life’s dramatic twists.

Career drama: Euripidean tragedy, like women of Troy,
Amidst power struggles and hate,
Simple survival our goal,
Never controlling our fate.
Adventure drama: James Bond films, me the glamorous spy,
Chased by those masters of crime,
Ever pursuing greater risks,
Always escaping in time.
Desire-led drama: Bodice-ripping romance, knights, paupers and hunks,
Discovery, elation, exquisite shared sweat,
Of course, these my best dramas,
My body will never forget.
I think I’m done with drama, overworked scripts and scenes,
Disillusionment recorded on each frame,
The ever-twisting plots played out,
I’ve had it with that game.
Of course there’s drama in my life these days, although it’s not quite so wild,
I truly think that’s fine,
The titles roll by much more slowly,
And the Director’s name? It’s mine.