(Inspired by Lynne’s 5 years working as a guide in an Australian heritage homestead)

The old kitchen, still, peaceful.
Stop. Imagine the sounds.
Listen for the echoes;
The shrill bark of a harassed cook;
clattering cauldrons with the crackle
of flames biting logs.

The stable, tranquil, deserted.
No rattle of favoured steeds’ hooves
on weathered worn wooden cobbles.
But there, a whinny, a rattle of tack,
a lovingly groom-brushed stallion
eager for Master’s ride.

The machinery sheds, slumbering.
Faithful rusted workers in retirement.
Strain your ears and catch screeches
of ploughshares, the scraping of tools
and even the whispers of girl and beau,
stolen moments alone.

What of those familiar sounds?
Everyday sounds for those folk.
A gentle breeze across the paddocks,
magpies summoning the day,
young laughter on the Apricot Lawn.
Listen, it’s there still.