Mahon ‘Festes de Gracia’

The Festival’s commencing,

Police erect fencing,

Excited crowd sensing

such wonders in store.


The parade’s now advancing,

thoroughbreds prancing,

schoolgirls dancing,

no schoolwork today.


Firecrackers are popping,

statues starting and stopping,

old residents mopping

gnarled olivewood brows.


Young men commence cheering

at same horses now rearing,

for gutsy bucks daring

to run underneath.


Near done, noise level sinking,

time now for pals drinking

Salud’, glasses chinking

to toast their town’s saint.


  1. Phil

    Excellent. Captured atmosphere and content of Mahon’s festival. And it rhymes , too, so ’tis a proper poem!

    • Lynne

      Rhyming seemed appropriate for this one


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