Reason to be Cheerful

Much gloom, despondency, such tragedy

on social media, the papers, reviews.

This desperate situation; our bone-weary planet;

crimes dominating headline news.

Go on then, accuse me of smugness!

Because I’m content to be here and alive.

Every second, every minute, every day, I feel joyous

to have lived, to be whole, to have survived.

Can it really be all of four years since that time?

Of emotions so vicious, such fear.

The lump, the diagnosis, the surgery, radiotherapy

and ultimately The Bell signalling, ‘all clear’.


Every day I count as a bonus.

For my family’s good health even more.

For the support of my friends and their tolerance.

For my partner’s love to refresh and restore.

For the hillside from my window each morning.

Leaves tumbling and disrupting outdoor space.

Plucking my fresh nurtured carrots and sprouts.

Worlds away from others’ frenetic rat-race.

Yes, there were those trips disappointingly cancelled,

family celebrations that were held over Zoom,

hand signals at friends; greetings shouted over fences,

we waited for ‘life’ to resume.


But nothing that has been lobbed in my direction

can budge what I’m attempting to convey.

That despite life appearing so exasperating, so mundane,

simply be joyous to greet each fresh day.

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  1. Phil

    Very good. Quite an emotional ride.


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