Said the Jay to the Magpie

Said the jay to the magpie,

‘Stay away from my patch.

Those tasty nuts in the feeder,

you’ll regret having snatched.


They’re mine, not for you,

it’d be a fight to the death.

Stay well, away my friend, or

it’ll be your last living breath.’


Said the magpie to the jay,

‘Oh ho, you frighten me not,

those nuts are for all birds,

this is not your sole spot.


I’ll continue to feed

and persuade you to share.

Should you continue to fight

my wrath….just beware!’


They continued to spar

their energies spent,

while other birds watched,

came, visited, and went.


At dusk, the two parlied,

a truce did get drawn,

but on return to the feeder

the seed was all gone.



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