Staying Hydrated

Really loving the sunny and hot weather, but trying to maintain the garden and vegetables whilst trying to be sensible with water usage is rather challenging. The following photos are of our garden in Cairns and some of the nature / wildlife in the garden and close by. The garden photo shows the sprinkler working overtime. Cairns is in Fra North Queensland and has a truly tropical climate, with a dry season and a (very) wet season. Despite the huge quantity of rain which descends between December and the end of March, there tends to be water rationing for the rest of the year. Often it is forbidden to use a sprinkler and council planes scout the skies to report anyone who is flouting the regulations. (We lived in Australia from 2009-Dec 2018)

Loving this sunny and warm weather, however trying to balance keeping the plants and vegetables alive whilst attempting to be mindful of water use is something of a dilemma.

The photo is our garden in Cairns, Far North Queensland, during the dry season. (With the sprinkler in use.) Having a fully tropical climate, with a very serious wet season for half the year, it would stand to reason there would always be adequate stocks of water. Not so, there was always water rationing during the dry season, and periodically only hand held watering was allowed between certain hours. For those of you who are not familiar with Cairns. It is surrounded by tropical rainforest. Stunningly beautiful, with fascinating wildlife.

The following is a selection of my pics of wildlife in and around our Cairns garden.

Goanna in back garden (5 feet)

Tree Frog

Hercules Moth on garage wall (12 inches wingspan)

Kookaburras on pool fence

Kingfisher by creek

Stick insect on window 10 inches

Preying Mantis on patio 9 inches

Saltie in local creek

Sea Eagle in local tree


Fruit bats in Cairns City Centre. (Wingspan 3 feet)


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