Vitifer Mine, Birch Tor, Dartmoor.


A remnant.

A lovingly built wall. Once a house.

With a door. Windows. A roof.

Whose home?

Echoes of cooking pots,

of mothers chastising,

of miners returning,

their treasure in the soil.

Scarring The Moor forever,

they followed seams

to scratch a living.


(In Medieval timesĀ  and even before, Vitifer Mine was at the centre of the most extensive tin mining on Dartmoor. TIn was obtained via open cast mines and by scraping streams. There is still copious evidence of the mining operations and of the domestic community supporting the miners. I took this photo during a walk up Birch Tor , past Vitifer to Warren House Inn.)


  1. Phil

    Short and punchy, but still full of detail and imagery.

    • Lynne

      Thanks. It’s a very magical place.


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